Used by 55.6% of all websites, Google Analytics is definitely the most widely used analytics tools across the globe. The release of Google Analytics 5 tool optimizes the best features of data analytics for any Ecommerce retailer including viewing the most relevant and important part of business data, determining which online marketing campaigns are generating the most web traffic and customer conversions, along with determining where your best online shoppers are located.

Despite its immense capabilities, Google Analytics has its share of limitations. With the evolving nature of the websites from simple and static pages to complex web applications along with the evolution of complex smartphone apps and Ecommerce applications, Google Analytics requires plenty of manual event tracking code to analyse what modern shoppers are doing. Even with the release of the Google Tag Manager, manual tagging of event code can be a demanding and time-consuming process for any website maintenance personnel.

With capabilities such as codeless tagging and other features, Heap Analytics is empowering Ecommerce analytics into understanding customer behaviour patterns, drive better customer conversions, and make informed business decisions.

This article covers 4 features of Heap Analytics that is driving its increasing adoption.

Automatic Data Capture

With its codeless tagging, Heap Analytics enables you to automatically capture (or auto-capture) every user action on your website or smartphone app including page views, tap or click, user swipe, and any field modification. All of these (or more) without writing a single line of code.

With its JavaScript tracking code, Heap Analytics records every customer action automatically without having to create a trigger-tag combination. Considered as a better alternative to tagging, automatic data capture enables you to define user events on top of the underlying raw data collected by the analytics engine.

Automatic Event Tracking

As compared to Google Analytics that can only track page views automatically, Heap Analytics can automatically record and track every user event on the website and the mobile app. This includes events such as page views, clicks, and form submissions (on the website) and every touch, swipe, and tap (on the smartphone app).

Additionally, you can create custom events for those events that Heap Analytics does not capture automatically. This can be simply done by adding the heap.track function in your website or mobile app code.

As compared to Google Tag Manager, the event layer in Heap capture more than just website data. With direct integration with Apple iOS and Android native apps, Heap Analytics can retrieve external data from over 20 third-party tools such as Shopify and Salesforce.

Individual User History

With its individual user history feature, Heap Analytics offers a comprehensive view of each action that each user has performed on your website and other devices.

This List view functionality can enable in identifying a potential high-value lead or explore the various paths that online shoppers adopt in their buying patterns. Each user activity is displayed in real time, thus enabling Ecommerce retailers to identify and define customer segments (example, “active users” or “high value customers”).

Retroactive Analysis

Along with its automatic data and event capture, Heap Analytics allows you to retroactively analyse your data without any code writing. For example, if you have been using Heap for the last 6 months but have only defined a custom event today, retroactive analysis will allow you view results from the defined event for the last 6 months (not just for today or henceforth).

This feature is unlike Google Analytics, which can only begin tracking data or events from the time of writing and deploying the event code.


This article highlights 4 features of the Heap Analytics tool that makes it more powerful than Google Analytics for analyzing Ecommerce data and analytics. In the next article, we have highlighted 4 more core features that makes this tool a must buy for Ecommerce companies.

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